Welcome to the tfx lab blog!

This will be a collection of articles about some of the practical sides of research, hopefully useful for students! tfx is Thermo Fluids under eXtreme conditions, so we will be biased towards mechanical / aerospace / chemical engineering, but maybe some content can be helpful for others as well.

Topics like 'how do I structure a paper?' or 'how do I make meaningful (and pretty) figures?' are the initial idea, but let's see where this takes us.

Clearly, many of these things have a personal subjective bias, some of these topics have different standards and traditions based on the university/group/PI. Here, I write about what I like, and what worked for me, hoping that it is helpful for others, too. But by all means, if you insist on concluding your talk with a "Thank you" slide, rather than your conclusions, then go right ahead!

For more background about what we do: Visit us at http://www.tfxlab.com!